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The potential for any factory or process to experience problems involving unexpected breakdowns or failures can be overwhelming. When those failures happen or there is a need to quickly fill an unexpected void in personnel or technical abilities, ITS can help. Our large staff of technical experts has an impressive combined level of proven experience to support a wide range of instruments and control systems. ITS accepts major credit cards or billing arrangements and we can structure to accommodate your standard business practices. View possible scenarios below that ITS resolves on a daily basis.


Scenario 1:

You’re a plant Manager and you have an important process that needs to be on-line by next week. You’re understaffed and technically challenged. ITS can increase your staff and add years of experience to your technical group to make sure that production timetables are met.


Scenario 2:

A Pharmaceutical company has just had a surprise visit from the FDA. The calibration department has just realized that some critical process calibrations have fallen behind and are overdue. With one phone call ITS will deliver the necessary NIST traceable standards and cGMP trained calibration personnel to complete the calibration schedule on time.


Scenario 3:

‘The Instrumentation technician who you depend on heavily has broken his leg and will be out of work for the next six weeks. You don’t want to hire someone new because he will be returning. ITS can help by supplying a fill-in technician with broad plant knowledge and the backup of a first class I&C organization to minimize any potential technical shortfall.

On-demand Support

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