Scheduled Assignments

Production and/or shutdown schedules need proper coordination of resources and assignment of qualified people. ITS can do this for you.

Scheduled Shutdown Assignments

Scheduled Shutdown AssignmentsRoutine work requires careful attention to production or shutdown schedules. The proper coordination of resources and assignment of qualified people is critical. ITS can provide you with managed solutions such as advanced notification when your equipment needs routine calibration. Preventive maintenance services and calibrations can be custom tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Scenario 1

Your power plant is having two scheduled shut downs this year. The need to have system wide calibrations will likely need to be outsourced because you staff will be busy with repairs. Prior to the first shutdown you call ITS and contract ITS to professionally perform the calibrations. The schedule is always critical, so our management staff will adjust the manpower to meet the need while your technicians focus on the repairs.


Scheduled Shutdown AssignmentsScenario 2

Your BioTech facility has 1500 calibrations to be performed annually. On a monthly basis you will need a varying number of technicians to come and go as needed. ITS can tailor your contract so that monthly schedules are met and professional documentation is in place.

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